when, not how

There comes a moment when things line up like dominoes a breath away from crashing down on top of each other yet when things line up the real scary part is the perception that lining up is everything

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short piece

Working through the moments when boredom hits is essential.  It can be an opportunity or filler space. Your call, my call.  I want to use my moments, even the boring moments, to work with anxiety and let us coexist for awhile.  Learning that I can still do things during these times helps each moment that […]

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re: flecting

It ain’t easy to inspire people when life is so real and tough.  Maybe, inspiring yourself will have an effect on your environment more than you know.  Maybe, you’re already inspiring people by striving on your own journey.  It’s not about being self-absorbed but about loving yourself.  I know that can be downright scary sometimes […]

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Confessions and hopes

Confession:  i used to think things began and ended with me.  I’m so glad I no longer think that.  However, I’m still so captivated by the stories and lives of visionaries throughout history and the spiritual humans deemed mad during the times that they lived.  How many of us could relate to them?  How many […]

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No separateness

Wake up in the morning hop in the shower of dreams It’s like my sleep never ended They’re what I’m seeing   Alive 24/7 Breathing Scheming On how to turn planets back to what they were bred from   I gotta keep working what I’m doing is working I’m becoming friends with time and the […]

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Creative fears

What are my fears? I fear people will perceive me as not practical enough, that my writing isn’t nuanced enough, that I love myself too much, that I do not adequately see my internal worth.  I fear that I want my dreams to come true at any cost.  I fear that they won’t.  I fear […]

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