The nightingale of messengers this world over sings to life the dead not dead but here, floating in tandem- with our steps, motioning us closer to essence, yielding growth in every second.   The spirit world speaks and I will listen to the anguish, unlived dreams, and the hope of tomorrow.   Though burdened I […]

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“Spoken Dreams”

Music consists of IMAGINATION… And freedom From the bondage of self Imagination Imagination   Imagination Can drip in When you feel tired Sick from all of this And lost to the shadows you have created It can wake you up Remind you that the day isn’t done Imagination can heal your hurt And find you […]

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The Call and Answer

Edited from a book I was writing; I discovered the main character was ALL ABOUT ME: I’ve wondered about why I exist countless times. Out of all the possible sperm, my dad’s hit my mom’s egg, and I was the one who made it into the womb. Was I formless trying to find some sanctuary? […]

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It’s all good

Didn’t know why I wasn’t destroyed Don’t need to know I’ve got now Blessed in it His image Blessings Messages Stirrings… Thank God for it all Cause the higher I climb, The longer the fall So I raise my head up Lower it in humility Praying with every bit of me And beg you to […]

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Soul Stirrings

Everyday i smoke a cig ashing away memories traumas and dramas of the past i see a smoke from chimneys Reminding me of a new pope born not of yesteryear but today a new pope in all people representing a relationship with a Higher Being who sees and believes in us Woke up Christmas morning […]

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In my biggest fantasies, I have it all.  I possess- in these stories I tell myself- faith, love, security, well being, and contentment.  The ills of the world are few. And we are all equals and engaged in the best parts of life.

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A Christmas Morning Promise

No ifs, shoulds, and buts can tell me what i ought to be i look up to God and know everything is right in me i’m starting where i’m at and i’m gonna keep flying higher my heart ain’t up for sale to the nearest or highest buyer i’m sold delivered even when i’m shaking […]

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