Whenever I can’t think of what to do next, I’ve learned to take a deep breath (four seconds in, six out).  Then, I hope for the best.  I ask no further questions- an act of annunciation.  I no longer wish to solve the puzzle or see the world in binary code.  I no longer need to know how the rest ends.  Presence today is all I need.

Just me and my friend time, and if I can drop a rhyme or two, that’s fine.  We are caught in a divine dance, just biding, getting by, and soaking our feet when directed toward the sun.

The emotions inside ride on auto. I watch them on the conveyor belt.  Sometimes, they jump off and hit me. I love it when that happens. My heart knows hard times and engine burnouts.  It even needs to be restarted a couple times a week- by the beauty of the world unguarded.


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