Blessings and Opportunity

All my ancestors would feel so happy to have opportunity meeting their inner genius.  It is a blessing to take a seat at a table of belonging and hope and recognize communality in the faces of people who do not look the same.  Some of us like music, others prefer books.  We all breathe in and close our eyes to the sounds and words being made within ourselves. “How to write in your own original voice?” I constantly ask myself, but another question is just as important- “How do I write unauthentically?”

I refuse to be second best to my own self.  I cannot realize my dreams this way, nor be satisfied in love, nor rest easy in the arms of God.  I must use my tongue and fingers to paint words that touch my own heart, for my own self before my spark can reach out into the Universe and attract the beautiful people that reside under this Dome of Life here on Earth.

We have always been here.


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