Night Reflections

There is no telling what will come out of a person until they start writing.  Here lies the beginning of such an attempt- an audacious move to see what lies inside of me and to see what lies in us all.  For, nothing in this world can prove to me that we are not all connected. We are connected in various ways- by looks, what we eat, what we see.  it is a mistake to think otherwise.

What we must learn to do is to begin.  We were gifted with the ability to dream, so what stops us?  If we can open our hearts, widen the scope of what our minds can do, and align our spirits, we can bring peace in ourselves, which will bring peace to the world.

The “mustard seed” quote from the Bible is well-known. Yet, how many of us actually believe in the strength behind those words?  How can something so small move mountains, one asks themselves?  I’m stumped by thinking how it cannot.  Everything in this creation feeds off something; no energy is lost.  That mustard seed is just as powerful as a human being in its ability to transform.  There lies the magic. 


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