“my mom and i”

We have both been reborn thru suffering

A phoenix tattoo on my back as testament

Her liver treatments

Her hip replacements

My mania.

“God have mercy” on us,

and justice for all in need of You.


My mom and I have felt our womanhood

Carved into shape by God.

Bodies twisting in our own way

By invisible, divine hands

Apart from and toward each other


You sacrificed a life, so I could have one.


What have I shown you?

That the rinds of strange fruit continue to grow

And the groans of time still resound

On this middle ground

In this waiting place

At this bridge

Between heaven and hell.


Yet that is not all Here. You prepared me for battle

We soldier on in midst of plights.

May the Creator indeed show mercy

Toward the things that don’t


For our freedom.


May we continue to stand,

Cleaning up the streets

That have become us.


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