I have thoughts sometimes

Fantasies and hints prodding at me

Of a time before my birth.


Visuals remind me of a safe haven.

A touch of a hand sends shivers

that make my soul thump,

make me think of the future,

and how hard I fight to have one.

I’m not sure such phenomena exist

outside of this life experience.


I imagine warmth in the beginning

The separation of a great land mass.

Our separation grows in new ways today.

Then- there was Just warmth,

Luring creation,

Cast out in front of our eyes-

Tickling our skin-

A lure out of the frantic waters beneath.











Once you see the lure in the shadows of the water

A fixation begins-

There is nothing quite as beautiful.


The Lure is You.

You seem so real

that I feel crazy.

Sometimes, I hear a call,

I feel a shiver

Reminding me of an Elsewhere.


Is Elsewhere where I chose this body?

Where I picked my hair and pulled on skin?

Saw this beautiful soul and decided

This one would be my partner?

Point me toward Elsewhere.


Though I landed on this land,

Elsewhere and I have never been separate.

From Elsewhere, I come.

From Elsewhere, I am.

From Elsewhere, I will return.



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