“What i need”

I need something to go on

To figure out reality

To figure out myself

To see you

And the dance that joins us


There’s something to philosophy

Love of wisdom

Love of no themes?

That thought helps me

To not feel forsaken

I hate the word forsaken.


I use the word “I” too much

Do not want to be absorbed into it

For indeed, I am an “I” too much

My “I” gets me into trouble.

It sees too much.

Now it twitches too much.

But I’m gonna love the shit out of this plague of an eye.


I’m going to love it at the end of the day

This shit is growing pains

What the birds know

What I’m trying to remember

That I am spirit.


Sometimes I feel like a mutant

It’s ok to be human.

It’s ok not to be

This exercise in thought and self and creation

Is revealing…

Can this moment last forever?


Sometimes my soul dissolves

And sees magic everywhere

In people who are animals

In animals that can be more people-like than people

In whatever God is

Or not.


A switch has been flipped.

It won’t turn off.

My body won’t turn off.

My mind is trapped in it,

But that’s not gonna quell my fire.


Resisting is inevitable for me

Yet my ordered steps are done resisting for now

I feel myself becoming free.


This sound that you hear

That exists everywhere

The unspoken sound in your mind

Call me crazy

But I think it’s magic.


It is creation.

It is birth, death, and eternal life.

It exists in the mind all the time.

In mine, it makes me want to speak of great truths.

I am bubbling with the impact of humans-

Those who came before me,

Who are here now,

Who will be.


  • I no longer want to escape

Sometimes I think I do,

But this realm can be heaven

And sometimes hell

Always Other

This is the place of Others in Elsewhere-

Simply because we feel.

And I could go on and on about that.

But I won’t.


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