Reflection post #2

written October/November:   Visioning I wanna be driving in a car with my whole family in it I want to laugh and kid when I take my kid to their scrimmage I want to go see the sky from other lands and beam myself to the stars and stand under magnolias blood coursing Eyes hurting […]

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Reflection post

Written during October/November: Thin sweaters and cold winds It’s winter, the time to look within Hibernation season will take me over otherwise turning me colder than this heart of mine.   There are hopes that I dream at night I wish to be better at life But with only one birth- no map in sight […]

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Staying True To Myself

This feat can be just that- a feat. I don’t believe it has to be hard. I believe it can get easier over time the more I drop the habit of comparing myself to other people. I want to make sure my house is order, that I’m taking care of myself, loving myself and my […]

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I can write 1000 love letters Sent to the sky And get 0 back And I’d still feel love For it all. I might Have to Dig deep Pull out a shovel- Rusted, Worn And sturdy. Then, I could break ground.

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The truth of the matter

I had a dream while sleeping. I wish I had been awake And not stretched out In an otherwise Empty Bed. Rupi Kaur’s poems Are giving me life And limits I never knew existed. Sing me back to sleep. Let me bask in dreamland Where the day is never ending And the night appears Only […]

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Little Me

If I could go back and listen to little me She’d probably be madder than a fire ant whose home has been stomped and all the food destroyed.   If I could go back and listen to little me She’d probably look at me with big eyes and a big head masking a skinny neck. […]

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Heart aligned, strength to endure…   I will persevere through the pain and heartache.   If this is a chant, I must recite daily I will.   Your will and mine must be entwined or I must let mine shift like seasons representing cyclical patterns of nature and time.  

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