Staying True To Myself

This feat can be just that- a feat. I don’t believe it has to be hard. I believe it can get easier over time the more I drop the habit of comparing myself to other people. I want to make sure my house is order, that I’m taking care of myself, loving myself and my […]

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I can write 1000 love letters Sent to the sky And get 0 back And I’d still feel love For it all. I might Have to Dig deep Pull out a shovel- Rusted, Worn And sturdy. Then, I could break ground.

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The truth of the matter

I had a dream while sleeping. I wish I had been awake And not stretched out In an otherwise Empty Bed. Rupi Kaur’s poems Are giving me life And limits I never knew existed. Sing me back to sleep. Let me bask in dreamland Where the day is never ending And the night appears Only […]

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Little Me

If I could go back and listen to little me She’d probably be madder than a fire ant whose home has been stomped and all the food destroyed.   If I could go back and listen to little me She’d probably look at me with big eyes and a big head masking a skinny neck. […]

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Heart aligned, strength to endure…   I will persevere through the pain and heartache.   If this is a chant, I must recite daily I will.   Your will and mine must be entwined or I must let mine shift like seasons representing cyclical patterns of nature and time.  

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The Wall

The wall has come down And the gates have opened up I didn’t know I could feel such love   The wall was there And blinded my soul I had nothing to warm me when I was so cold   The wall sits destroyed Resting by my feet Goals come faster now than I can […]

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